DOLPHIN SPECIALITY SERVICES, as highlighted in the name, focuses its activities in the field of supply and application of specialist protective coating to:

Construction, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Concrete, Steel Structures, and Equipments, Corroded Process Plants, Industrial floors and lining to drinking water tanks.

Coatings to submerged structures (marine structures, ships, offshore structures, etc.)

Protective coating to structures exposed to highly hazardous environment (such as process plants, structures exposed to corrosive areas, Chemical manufacturing companies).

Most corrosive areas, Oil wetted & Water wetted areas. or both mixed areas. We can stop leakages in Buildings.

Our epoxy can be used effectively for water proofing and guaranteed to stop all kinds of leakages. Very effective for water Treatment Plants, especially for Concrete Water Tanks. This coating will stop any damage that has already affected the Concrete Tanks.

Our Company is a registered vendor for the application of protective coating system, with the following organisations:

  • L & T – Construction Division
  • Indian Railways Coach Manufacturing Division
  • IVRCL – Veeranam Pipe Line Projects
  • TVS – Group
  • Hyundai Motors Limited
  • Hwasin Automative Limited
  • Micon Group
  • Gujarat Chemicals Limited
  • Calcutta Eden Garden Stadium
  • PHC – Hyundai Group
  • MPL – FORD

Coating can be done -60° C to 50°C Temperature



35% HCL                            –   NO REACTION

30% NITRIC ACID            –    NO REACTION


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